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CIM is a comprehensive and flexible management system for quality, safety, and emergency preparedness, covering your organization’s unique needs. You can not eliminate all risks – but you can prepare to face what is to come

Crisis Management with CIM includes:

Risk is linked to the existence and/or activity, ie linked to most of what we do. You need to identify the areas where it is possible and desirable to reduce the likelihood or consequence.

Preparedness is about being prepared for the unexpected. It is demanding to stay calm and make the right decisions in a crisis. You have to prepare, and then you need a specially made tool to support you!

Alerting and mobilization
In a crisis, time is a critical factor. With CIM, you can send predefined messages to predefined recipients on predefined channels.

Crisis Management
Your handling of a crisis is crucial in order to reduce its impact on your organization. You need to respond quickly, with the right action, at the right time. With CIM, you systematize and organise routine tasks.


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