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Hunna is a Swedish company with strictly controlled development and production in Sweden. Our USB sanitisation system protects IT-systems where portable media is used.

The company has many years of experience in secure development, vulnerability research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, forensic analysis, exploit development and offensive hacking methods for advanced testing, as well as information security and risk management.

With this background our company is excellently positioned to understand and work with security requirements, and to develop products that make a difference.

We will help you mitigate information security risks associated with portable media such as malware and hardware-based attacks – threats that can result in information leakage, system failure and manipulated information.

Contact us and we’ll explore how we can be of service to you.

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Hunna USB-sanitation system

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)Our USB sanitisation system protect IT-systems where portable media is used. The heart of the system consists of a terminal designed to protect against malware infection through the process of importing files from uncertain sources. The process will reduce risks associated with malicious code spread through portable media, regardless of if it is spread unknowingly or with the intention of doing harm. The terminal can be configured with a range of filters depending on the user scenario: – Antivirus – CDR, Content Disarm and Reconstruct – Manifest – Whitelisting The CDR-filter is often used in environments where a liaison officer imports data and is a great tool to reduce risks associated with office related file types by checking and rebuilding the files so that they conform to specification. In contrast the Manifest filter is the technician’s best friend with a focus on reducing risks associated with supply chain attacks. By using quality-assured updates a technician can spend more time on main tasks instead of consuming valuable time performing these checks by hand. The terminal is available in different versions adopted for: – the industry – high-assurance environments (protect systems graded up to TOP SECRET) – environments that require Tempest Level A certified products When fully implemented, the system ensures that your critical information systems will only accept media that has been checked by your individual Hunna terminal(s).

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