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Rejlers was founded in Småland in 1942, and has been active as an engineering consultancy firm ever since. A common thread has run through our operations over the years: electrical engineering in various forms. Everything from nuclear power to electronics. Over the years, Rejlers has expanded into new areas of expertise such as telecommunications, IT and community security.

The community security unit at Rejlers is your strategic partner and can help you build a security structure that creates the conditions to handle the challenges and requirements of the future. Regardless of what business you have, Rejlers can deliver customized solutions in community security.

Community security is society’s ability to maintain important societal functions and take advantage of citizens’ lives, health and other basic needs under various forms of stress.

Our society is constantly challenged by a number of threats, risks and vulnerabilities. It can be about fires, extreme weather and natural disasters, but also about actor-controlled threats such as organized crime, cyberattacks, terrorism or information operations. Strengthening security in society with the aim of protecting it from various types of threats has become an increasingly important question in the work of creating a sustainable future. Especially with regard to the security policy situation we have today but also to the pandemic that required major changes in the world.

With this in mind, our experts can help your company in the following areas.
• Security protection
• Personnel security
• Background checks
• The NIS Directive
• Educations
• Travel security
• Information security
• Personal saftey
• Physical security
• Property security
• Incident and crisis management

Below you can read more information in a selection of services that we can offer.
We look forward to talking more with you about our work when we meet!

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Background checks

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)A background check strengthens your chances of making the right decision. Honest and reliable employees are crucial to the company’s success. Your company can have many different partners and suppliers. What do you know about these and is the information you have correct. We provide everything from lighter screenings to in-depth background checks where we adapt the checks to your specific needs and purpose. We provide you with the basis for making the right choice at: • Recruitment • Acquisitions • Business relationships

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